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iDirect’s satellite-based IP communications technology enables constant connectivity for voice, video and data applications in any environment. Through our vast network of global partners you will find broadband access solutions for telecommunications carriers, enterprise customers and military and government organizations. iDirect’s partners can utilize our platform to extend private networks to remote offices, support mobile connectivity across land, sea and air, providing high-speed broadband access anywhere in the world.

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The main iDirect modem routers are :

Modem iDirect Evolution X3

modem iDirect X3

Modem iDirect Evolution X5 that also replaces the old iDirect Infinity 3100 modem

modem iDirect Evolution X5


Typical iDirect Enterprise Network with VoIP

 iDirect enterprise network with VoIP

iDirect technology offers a full line of compact satellite routers that integrate all in one devices with :
    > a satellite modem and IP router with:
        + TCP optimization over satellite
        ++ QoS prioritization
        +++ compression
in an easily deployed, reliable one-box design.

DSD Telecom now offers premium iDirect shared and dedicated Internet access for any place in the world. DSD iDirect satellite services are available in Ku-band and C-band all over the world as well has Ka-Band is some regions only. To have any information on our iDirect services please ask for a iDirect hardware and service quotation or visite one of the following pages :

iDirect Fixed services

iDirect Maritime services

iDirect services for autodeploy based antennas