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Shared Internet Satellite

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Shared Internet Satellite was created at the end of the XXth century by the arrival of the DVB-S standard.

From this time several manufacturer did offer satellite Internet modems able to bring to the end users a broadband connection for a low monthly fee.

The operating principle of shared Internet Satellite is that the bandwidth is shared between hundreds of modems alloying the bandwidth that is not used by some modems to be used by the other modems on a given satellite where the Internet access is enabled.

There are 4 main points to know concerning shared Internet Satellite :

  • the max speed of a link is generally more than 1Mbps Rx and generally up to 1Mbps Tx
  • the QoS of the network is designed to bring a good bandwidth for http, https, Emails, FTP and sometimes VoIP but the other protocols have lower priority to get some bandwidth
  • The contention ratio is the sharing ratio of a link that tells you if your bandwidth is stable or not as it today defines with the latest technologies :
    • The bandwidth priority you will have to get bandwidth during pick traffic hours of the Internet Satellite Network
    • The minimum bandwidth that is allocated to you shared Internet satellite connexion is you do low priority traffic


All the modems those are on the same coverage of a satellite can access to the same shared internet satellite network and that is the strong point of satellite technologies compared to terrestrial technologies like adsl.

It is also possible to do private satellite networks based on the same satellite and sharing the same satellite bandwidth.

The shared internet satellite access services offered by DSD are :


DSD also has lots of other shared internet satellite services for any region of the world.

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