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The DVB-S2/SCPC (DVB-S2 SCPC) is an excellent technology for satellite Internet connection with 100% guaranteed bandwidth

The provision of a satellite internet has existed for many years. The new standard, DVB-S2, provides opportunities to improve the performance of IP networks via satellite.

Advanced error correction receiving IP packets functions are available on the DVB-S2 SCPC, thereby increasing the available bandwidth.

Thus, a conventional transponder can now offer higher bandwidth 130Mbps IN DVB-S2 SCPC against 40Mbps before.

The forms of modulation become more sophisticated with the DVB-S2. The support of VCM and ACM give us the tools to optimize the use of space segment

   > VCM optimizes internet via C-band satellite by assigning different FEC different VSAT based on their position on the coverage area of ​​the satellite
   > ACM optimizes internet via Ku-band satellite dynamically defining MODCO VSAT
   > IP encapsulation in MPEG-TS has been optimized by the introduction of Generic Streams brings increased efficiency when used on Internet connections, satellite DVB-S2

DVB-S2/SCPC means that the technology used in the reception of DVB-S2 and the technology used in the show is SCPC bandwidth of this type of service is 100% guaranteed.

The +

    > price lower bandwidth SCPC / SCPC traditional
    > excellent performance of the reception thanks to the many improvements made by the DVB-S2
    > greater link availability Ku-band in the rain through the ACM (Adaptive Coding Modulation) present in the DVB-S2

The -

    > only available bandwidth 100% guarantee and therefore fairly upscale
    > the price of modems can be significant enough in terms of their performance even if we offer all in one modems in some of our services
    > latency Internet satellite link DVB-S2/SCPC is less stable than a SCPC / SCPC link as optimizations can vary latency

In conclusion, the Internet services via DVB-S2 SCPC (DVB-S2/SCPC) satellite are perfect for a client who wishes to have a 100% bandwidth guarantee whose principal use is the Web, email and file transfers.

VoIP will work well with the implementation of QoS rules, but it is recommended to take a DVB-S2/SCPC link if the use is 100% VoIP for the use of certain boxes compression is tricky. Highly sensitive to latency transactional applications work better with SCPC / SCPC link even if they work well with DVB-S2/SCPC link.

Links running DVB-S2/SCPC (DVB-S2 SCPC) are more and more replacing SCPC / SCPC links as they offer the best quality / price ratio for Internet connections via satellite bandwidth 100% guaranteed.