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scpc internet access

SCPC means Single Carrier Per Channel, this is the only technology that allocates to a customer his own frequency for the Receive as well as for the Transmit way. This is name a dedicated bandwidth and thus this is also a 100% guaranteed bandwidth technology.

When a customer has a bandwidth intensive consumption needs then the dedicated connections are required and SCPC is the logical choice.

Using an SCPC topology it is possible to guarantee the availability and reliability of all voice, data and video content.

DSD Telecom offers SCPC circuits using a wide range of equipment manufacturers modems and associated hardware allowing the Teleport to quickly accommodate customers network requirements.


An SCPC application is ideal for

  • Corporate HQ voice and data links
  • Government networks
  • Military networks
  • Voice backhaul and bandwidth intensive solutions
  • IP convergence solutions
  • Fibre redundancy
  • Video conferencing
  • Expansion of private networks over satellite


SCPC Topology strong points

  • Most stable bandwidth for big networks od more than 100 computers
  • SCPC (Single Carrier Per Channel)
  • Dedicated Link (no bandwidth sharing)
  • Point-To-Point connection, simple so very efficient and reliable


Typical Users of SCPC VSAT technology

  • Enterprise
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Satellite Service Providers
  • Offshore & Maritime
  • Mobile Operators


Common Applications of SCPC VSAT Technology

  • Mobile Backhaul
  • Communications on-the-Move
  • Disaster Recovery & Emergency Communications
  • Enterprise
  • Offshore & Maritime Communications
  • Satellite News Gathering