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Fixed VSAT


A Fixed VSAT is including :

    > a satellite antenna witch size is between 1m and 3.8m for Africa and 0.75m to 1.2m for Europe
    > a block up converter commonly called BUC witch transmits the signal to the satellite
    > a low noise block down converter commonly called LNB witch receives the signal from the satellite
    > one or two satellite modems depending if this is the same modem that transmits and receives or if one modem is needed for reception and one other for transmission (except big DVB/SCPC links, we always use one modem for both Tx and Rx)
    > coaxial cables also named IFL (Interface Link) connecting the modem to the LNB and BUC

VSAT means Very Small Aperture Teminals, this meams that the antenna is pointing with a good precision to the satellite. Thanks to that the yield is good and it allows us to offer unlimited monthly satellite internet access services for a fixed price per month.

The most used modems are today iDirect modems because there is full range of iDirect modems:

    > for the small network of less than 10 computers, the iDirect X1 modem is ok
    > for the networks up to 15 computers, the iDirect X3 modem is fine
    > for the modems from 15 to 50 computers used at the same time, the iDirect X5 is required
    > for big networks of 50 to more than 200 computers, the iDirect X7 modem will be the best choice.

In addition to iDirect modems we also support Comtech and more generally SCPC modems as well as DVB/S2-SCPC single or dual modems architectures, we support Romantis and Comtech Vipersat for Mesh satellite networks but iDirect is the most polyvalent technology on the market today on guaranteed and shared Internet boadband IP services matching 90% of the needs.