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Ka-band Satellite Internet

DSD is running the newest Ka-band satellite internet access services via the newly launched Ka-band satellite thanks to his iDirect evolution X3 / X5 HUBs running latest iDirect software versions!

DSD Telecom specialises in solutions using the iDirects intelligent and versatile communication platforms . Working in partnership with the manufacturer has gained extensive experience in this field allowing our Teleports to select the best solution available from the iDirect product range.

DSD Telecom offer Ka-band services that include full network design through to end user services, all powered by the reliable, secure iDirect platform. With the access to several Hubs in Europe, MEA, USA and South America and the ability to accomodate new service requests, DSD Telecom is well positioned to meet your iDirect needs.

DSD Telecom VSAT satellite internet access services

Top Five Ka-band iDirect Distinguishing Attributes

  1. DSD Telecom VSAT satellite internet access services mirrors the quality and reliability of terrestrial services, ensuring a first-class user experience thanks of the use of high power Ka-band satellites that will keep your link stable in any non equatorial area
  2. DSD Telecom iDirect services superior flexibility enables service providers to create the most bandwidth- efficient network designs and customer service plans
  3. DSD Telecom Ka-band VSAT iDirect modular hub and line card design, combined with a versatile remote series and powerful software, deliver equal parts flexibility and cost effectiveness to meet the most diverse range of markets and applications
  4. DSD Telecom Ka-band satellite services has the ready-to-access mobility and portability functionality that enables service providers to offer the same high-quality, reliable user experience for Communications-on-the-Move (COTM)
  5. Comprehensive network management software tools enable DSD Telecom to optimize their growing networks, keep up with customer demands and increase customer satisfaction


Drawing of the main VSAT iDirect networks applications:

 idirect network diagram