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Satellite VPN

A powerful satellite VPN network that takes into account the specificities of the satellite

The satellite Internet connections have the distinction of having a high latency between 550ms and 800ms.

To make sure the flow rates are good and enjoyable Internet navigation, satellite modems incorporate TCP IP accelerators or accelerators to better manage TCP including acknowledgment packets. When setting up the VPN boxes usually used on low-latency connections like xDSL or fiber, these optimizations are blocked because the VPN uses UDP rather than TCP and flows within the VPN are very bad.

The satellite VPN solution of DSD, Virtual Private Network satellite uses VPN boxes that integrate IP or TCP accelerator and you guarantee website communications reliable and secure site, high performance for companies that have more growing need for highly reliable to ensure certain key transactions between many sites links.

VPN virtual private network (VPN) allows a company to expand its geographical connectivity with enhanced security and reduced compared to conventional networks operating costs.

Unlike a dedicated, for example, a leased line can be very expensive connection, a VPN uses "virtual" connection via the Internet from the company's network to connect remote sites or users within a network private.

VPN satellite have long had a reputation for being inefficient.

Today, DSD satellite VPN solution associated with broadband satellite connections provide quality and reliability of the first order.