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Maritime VSAT

Our maritime VSAT satellite internet solution is comprised of products and services required for the deployment of 2–way Satellite based communications designed to enable video, voice and data applications.

Maritime VSAT satellite internet

We offer various service plans depending on the client’s applications requirements and acceptable contention levels.

The service plan and its usage are monitored for availability, reliability and performance.

Based upon the brief provided we would propose a dedicated link based subscription plan that could be sub-allocated amongst multiple sites, ensure security and enable Videoconferencing, Voice and Data communications.

Our Maritime VSAT satellite internet solution will be comprised of:
>• Seatel constantly tracking, tri axis stabilized antenna
•> Voice over IP and wireless access point hardware
•> ‘Always-on’ Internet access (can be blocked if required)
•> Uplink and Downlink bandwidth dedicated and shared service plans.

 marine vsat

Pay-as-you-go Maritime VSAT Internet Access

This new Service allows our Maritime VSAT customers to provide Internet access on board their vessels in a controlled way. The internet access will be made available on a time-base by means of tickets printed and sold on-board the vessel. This all is not new. However what is new is the fact that the bandwidth used for Internet-access is totally separated from the bandwidth the customer has in place for his business network.

For this service some extra hardware is needed on board PLUS you or the vessel owner need to arrange for separate access to this network, for instance by adding a dedicated wireless access point or connect dedicated crew-internet PC’s to this section of the network.

The following extra hardware package will be provided by DSD to be installed on-board:
-    1 Extra iDirect X5 modem
-    ‘internet-access’-router
-    Thermal printer (Extra paper for this printer should be ordered)

As soon as the hardware package is installed and activated, the Internet access ‘pay-as-you-go’ Maritime Internet is available at a very cheap airtime per hour cost

This service can only be provided to customers already having another DSD Maritime service in place. The bandwidth provided for this service will be approximately MIR 1024/512 CIR 96/32.

The ‘internet-access’-router can print three different access-vouchers, for instance:
-    1 hour
-    5 hours
-    10 hours
The access does not have to be consecutive. The user can log-off after a session and use the remaining time when he or she connects to the Internet again.
The ‘internet-access’-router keeps a log of the tickets printed / sold. DSD will poll this information on a regular base in order to invoice the total number of hours sold.

This ready to use service is one of the innovations of the Maritime VSAT services of DSD, please don't hesitate to contact us.