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Marine Satellite Internet Access VSAT Voucher

Maritime Satellite Internet Access Voucher service

DSD Marine Internet access via satellite is based on the use of a 60cm+ Maritime VSAT antenna Ku-band MVSAT.

Marine Internet Access Voucher service is very easy to understand and use:

  1. 0€/month fixed fee
  2. 4Mbps Rx speed and 0.5Mbps Tx speed (can even be higher depending on your hardware)
  3. flate rate per Go billing, you pay only for the data volume you consume*
  4. automatic voucher activation when a voucher was fully used or when it expires
  5. at the end of a voucher you can also chose to stop the service and you can tell us later when you want to activate a new voucher again
  6. a voucher is for one modem and can be used on any satellite of the coverage of our marine satellite internet access services, this is to say Europe, mediterranean and Caribbean areas


With our new marine satellite Internet access voucher service you are 100% free and you get a top quality bandwidth for a very low price never seen before on the marine internet access market up to 40 times less expensive than what you are used to pay!

This new service is a revolution for Marine Internet satellite access users where the monthly service fees are used to be very expensive and where you have to sign a 6 month contract even if you use the boat only for one month over a period.

At a time when many ship owners are equiped with 3G/4G internet access gateways, our new voucher basd marine satellite internet access is also the pefect solution for backup. When you are out of the 3G/4G coverage, the marine satellite internet access is still available and you keep having a very good satellite internet link wherever your boat stays

 Coverage area of our Voucher Marine Satellite Internet Access

we have multiple satellites on each coverage area in case of mast hiding the satellite.

The most used satellite for our marine satellite internet access vsat voucher services is Telesat T11N on its Europe and North America footprint

Marine satellite internet access vsat voucher


This ready to use service is one of the innovations of the Maritime VSAT services of DSD in 2016, please don't hesitate to contact us for ship Internet access and phone.

*minimum voucher unit size is 25Go to be use over a 30 consecutive days period and a unactivated voucher remains usable for 1 year after you bought it in any place of the coverage map including Mediterranean and Caribean regions. We can create large size vouchers like 100Go, 500Go or more depending on your needs and also upgrade the bandwidth speed if your hardware is compatible with higher bandwidth. The bandwidth of our marine internet access services is good because it is per vomume billing so the quicker you use

Of course all our satellite internet additional servicdes are available as well on those service :

> marine satellite voip service

> marine satellite VPN service


A advanced QoS management system can also be configured on your service in order to put the highest priority to you most important use and to block some other kind of trafic in order to ensure the marine satellite internet access link works exactly as it should.

Here is an example of the daily report we are used to send to our marine vsat customers:

bandwidth usage of marine satellite internet access voucher service

 protocol usage of marine satellite internet access voucher service